How to Pick a Dog Walker

If you have a dog, a full-time job and no backyard that the dog can go out to on its own, you are probably going to need some daytime intervention so your dog can get some relief. While you can hire a professional dog walker, sometimes you can also recruit a neighbor, even a very young neighbor, to stop by sometime in the early afternoon to take your dog for a walk.

If you are struggling to take some time out for walking your dog, you might have considered hiring a professional pet walker. Obtaining their services is a great way to make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercises to stay healthy and happy. But, how can you choose the best pet walker who has your dog’s interests at heart?

There are so many companies offering the services of pet sitting and walking, that you’re bound to be puzzled on determining which is best. However, with a little research, you can find the right pet walker.

Here are some things you should consider before hiring a pet walker

They should have a recognized business.
You wouldn’t want to leave the safety of your dog into the hands of a non-professional pet walker. The first thing you should notice while considering a dog walker is the legitimacy of their business. Do they have a registered business? Are they certified? Do they provide their client references? Upon acknowledging these concerns, you can get an idea of the credibility of the company providing pet walking.

They should be insured.
Your dog can run off, attack someone, damage your property and fall sick while being under the supervision of a pet walker. What would your dog walker’s course of action be if something along the lines of this happens? To cover the risks and threats, a pet walker should have access to the adequate resources to fix any situation and be insured. You should ascertain that your pet walker has an insurance cover to ensure the safety of your dog, keys and property.

They should have an understanding of dog behavior.
Every professional pet walker should be able to perform emergency care and understand the behavior of your dog. They should be adept at figuring out what each dog likes, hates or fears. They should notice and remember all these details before taking the pet for the walk. If a pet walker gets to know your dog’s temperament, they would be able to handle them on the leash properly.

They should be dependable.
You should choose a pet walker who can be relied upon. A pet walker should make sure that your dog gets a safe and pleasant walk. They should be disciplined and should always arrive on time to pick dogs from your residence.

These considerations may seem obvious, but avoiding them can put the safety of your dog and property at risk. Hiring the professional services of dog walking allows you to concentrate on your work with the content that your dog is being looked after in the best possible ways.